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Why choose a viking bird box?


Viking Garden Creations is proud to announce a new range of heavy duty bird boxes, all hand made by Craig in his Viking workshop in Hampshire, England. You may then ask yourself why you should buy one of these instead of other available boxes on the market? Here's a few good reasons why :-

The Viking boxes are all made from 22mm responsibly sourced treated timber. Most other boxes use either 15mm or 18mm, meaning they don't offer as much protection from the weather, aren't as sturdy and long lasting and often aren't treated. Our boxes are screwed together unlike a lot of nailed boxes, once again giving them more strength stability.

All holed Viking boxes have hinged lids, giving access for cleaning them out in October/November at the end of the season. Most other boxes have fixed roofs, making this impossible. The Robin box can easily be cleaned out via the larger front opening.

All Viking boxes have 5 holes drilled in the bottom, to allow for any rain or wet mess to drain out. It's also for boiling water to be poured inside to sterilise against ticks and mites at the end of the season, and drain out.

Viking Garden Creations is a local small business promoting Wildlife Friendly Gardens. It isn't a multi million pound business churning out factory made goods. Please support your small local businesses.

Savings can be made on postage with multiple purchases, please email me for more info on this.

If you are local to me in Stubbington, Hampshire, you are more than welcome to collect your boxes in person to save on postage costs.



Below are the five most popular boxes I make, please click on their links for more info on each one. As every box is individually hand made, I am able to make any other type or size bird box you like, including Swift, Swallow and Owl boxes. Please email me for a custom price and service.



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